Meet Bill Ennen, President and Founder

Bill Ennen has been fascinated by construction since he was a small boy in Minnesota. During his early years he fed his fascination and honed his skills with the help of neighbors and friends who appreciated his love of working with his hands.

After graduating from Augsburg College, where he majored in business management and economics, Bill focused on home building as his profession. Making the move to Florida, he began building homes for the Emmer Group, a builder-developer in Gainesville, Florida. He later became vice president of construction for the Three Oaks Community, an 800 acre development by the Freeman Group, a Florida home builder in Fort Myers.

Bill then decided to go out on his own in 1993 and founded Florida Lifestyle Homes, Inc., a company that creates luxury custom homes in South West Florida. Describing himself as a “muddy shoe” builder, Bill focuses on quality rather than quantity. “Everything we do, we do with the best quality materials and craftsmanship. Every home we build, all the details have to be perfect.” Bill’s commitment to quality is reflected in every home he builds. Guided by his extensive knowledge and expertise, Florida Lifestyle Homes’ professional team of designers and project managers consistently exceed your expectations. This winning combination of attention to detail, exquisite architecture and consistent client communication defines Florida Lifestyle Homes as the premier Florida luxury builder.

Our Team
The Florida Lifestyle Homes family is committed to excellence in every client endeavor.
We are proud to introduce our talented and friendly team!
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Sharon Dennard

Purchasing Manager

Randy Frederick

Business Development

Trisha Gil

Architectural Designer

LeeAnn James

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John Lanni

Project Manager

Kimberly Mashburn


Connie Meeks


Andrew Olmstead

Project Manager

Kelley Reischl

Sales and Marketing

Kevin Thompson


Tyler Ward

Project Mgr/Warranty Tech

Ryan Morgen

Marketing Specialist


It is my genuine pleasure to write to you regarding our complete pleasure with out Florida Lifestyle Home. We purchased our home early in 2013 and wrote a glowing recommendation months later. I had occasion to speak with you now (over 6 yrs later) regarding getting a paperwork item that you easily sent to us. Of note, I was also pleased to report our continued pleasure with our Florida Lifestyle Home. Even 6 yrs later, we are amazed with the quality of materials and workmanship demonstrated in this house. In over 6 yrs, we have had ZERO issues. You might expect a minor issue here or there, perhaps some minor settling with a cracked grout line, maybe a popped nail head on a sheetrock wall? But absolutely nothing!!! Our home has remained as impeccable as the day we moved in. This is an honest testimony to Bill and the quality folks he employs. Please say hi to LeeAnn and John Blackman, they were so helpful throughout our building process. Our superintendent Mike has retired I guess, but he too was simply superb. We are thankful we chose FLH to construct our house, kudos to you all. Stay well and God bless.

Roger and Debbie

After building six homes across the country, we can honestly say Florida Lifestyle Homes is the best builder that we've ever worked with on a new house.
Bill Ennen and his team are very professional, design and create beautiful homes, and make the process very easy. We built our home while being more than 1,000 miles away and felt like we were involved in every step of the process.
We'd highly recommend Florida Lifestyle Homes to build your next home.

Chris and Sue

While most builders will try to cut corners to save time and money, you can rest assured that Florida Lifestyle Homes will build you a finely customized home providing full attention to superior quality construction and the finest finishing details available; they just do things the RIGHT way. The level of attention and service provided goes way beyond the typical as the team understands that communication is a key ingredient in customer satisfaction.

Charles and Angela

Very good builder. Florida Lifestyle Homes of Fort Myers, Inc. defines perfection and builds to exceed the customer's expectations. Our home is a quality home. We describe Bill Ennen as the "superlative" builder.

Mardi and John

Good reputation. We really like one of the builder's floor plans and Bill Ennen personally worked with us to customize the plan to meet our requirements and desires. Bill has a professional demeanor and has a way about him that makes everyone happy. He stay involved and helps during the building process as well as after the job is done.

Biagio and Ophelia

Bill Ennen epitomizes professionalism, attention to detail, on-site supervision and personal service. We have built an office building and home with Florida Lifestyle Homes of Fort Myers, Inc, and both have resulted in products that exceeded our expectations.

Fred and Melissa

I really appreciate the amount of through and effort that went into creating my custom home plans. The speed of approval is a testament to how careful and detailed the folks are at Florida Lifestyle Homes. Great Work!


We are both amazed at how fast everything is moving! That is a tribute to your great work. Timing is everything! There is no doubt, YOU are the BEST.

Roger and Kristy

From the very first day we net with Florida Lifestyle Homes we felt we were part of the team building our dream home. We were not owner and builder - we worked together - on all aspects of the build. We enjoyed working with Carlos on the design and then John took over to secure all the materials we needed. John is amazing as he always had our best interests at heart. At this point we were thrilled with how everything was going. We could not be more grateful for the dedication and commitment of the Florida Lifestyle team. When we tell people we finished out home and still liked our builder we are met with puzzled faces. Apparently they did not build with Florida Lifestyle Homes! We recommend, without any reservations, that if you want a beautifully designed and built home by a team that is a pleasure to work with then you need to build with Florida Lifestyle Homes.


Well, here we are, approaching the 1-year anniversary of moving into our new Florida Lifestyle Home. All I can say, to anyone considering building with these folks, is this... GO FOR IT! Our experience was absolutely wonderful. Not only was the final home a thing of beauty and joy, but the entire process was truly enjoyable, and NOT nearly as stressful as we thought it might be (especially considering the process was done long distance). Starting with their sales department, then through the design phase, continuing with the various selection decisions, our site superintendent, and then the financial tracking... all we can say is Kudos for the "job well done." In summary, Bill has assembled a team of true professionals, and we give this company our highest, unqualified recommendation. You may feel free to contact us at any time for references, as we have nothing but praise for this builder... they are the BEST around! God Bless you all and thanks for everything.

Roger and Debbie

I had tremendous concerns about building a home in Florida while working and living in Chicago. All of my concerns were for naught. We just came back form Florida and in just 14 hours with Luanza (2 days), we successfully picked out all of our appliances, cabinets, flooring, countertops, shower tiles, roof tiles, driveway pavers, plumbing fixtures, door knobs and even some furniture too! Our time with Luanza was not only productive, but also fun, enjoyable and completely stress-free! We couldn't be any happier with our decision to build a Florida Lifestyle Home.


Just a note to say how much we appreciate he fine work that Jimmy did at the Lee County Sheriff Health and Wellness Center (StarCare). Jimmy has been an excellent resource for ideas. He has been there when we needed him and has done fantastic work too!