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Meet Bill Ennen, President and Founder

Bill’s fascination with construction began when he was just a child growing up in rural Minnesota. Neighbors, friends, and family appreciated his love of working with his hands and afforded Bill multiple opportunities to perfect his practice. Over the years, Bill’s knowledge and skills advanced while his fascination transformed into a passion.

After graduating from Augsburg College, where he majored in Business Management and Economics, Bill combined his education with his passion for construction and focused on home building as his profession. During this time, Bill developed a desire to find a way to serve his community by providing a stress-free home building process for those looking to have their dream homes built while never sacrificing quality for quantity.

In 1993, Bill founded Florida Lifestyle Homes, inc. a company that creates luxurious custom homes in Southwest Florida. A self-described “muddy shoe” builder, Bill’s fierce commitment to quality is reflected in every home he builds: “Everything we do, we do with the best quality materials and craftsmanship. Every home we build, all the details have to be perfect.” At the core of Florida Lifestyle Homes are Bill’s strong values including efficiency, teamwork, timeliness and quality. These guiding values are at the forefront of Florida Lifestyle Homes mission to create luxurious residences customized with meticulous detail.

Today, Bill is just as passionate about building as he was when he was a child, and his passion is shared by everyone at Florida Lifestyle Homes. Guided by his extensive knowledge and expertise, Bill’s talented team of designers and project managers are dedicated to going beyond simply meeting client expectations but exceeding them. Imbued with his standards of true craftmanship, exquisite architecture and attention to detail, Bill has developed Florida Lifestyle Homes into one of Southwest Florida’s premiere custom home builders.

Our Team

The Florida Lifestyle Homes family is committed to excellence in every client endeavor.
We are proud to introduce our talented team with multiple years of experience in the industry.

Taylor Ennen

Business Development

Randy Frederick

Business Development

LaTreasa Byrne

Architectural Designer

Ryan Morgen

Marketing Specialist

Josh Sawyer


Connie Meeks

Purchasing & Client Liaison

John Blackman

Purchasing Manager

Andrew Olmstead

Project Manager

Tyler Ward

Project Manager

Jake Knox

Warranty Technician

Anthony Balzano



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