6 Essential Questions To Ask Florida Home Builders Before Engaging Their Services

Hiring Florida home builders gives you the freedom to design your home according to your preference and budget. Whether you want your cabinetry to be more detailed or your bathroom to have a modern look, a home builder will grant your request. Although home building can be exciting, it has its own shares of challenges, especially if you and your homebuilder are not meeting halfway. When your home lacks customization, you will also have an urge to do more for your property to look good.

More often than not, builders will entice you into considering their model homes. You might be convinced to give these homes a try because of positive reviews. However, it is necessary to ask questions before you make a commitment. When you sign a contract and you have not outlined your expectations, you can get frustrated when things don’t go as planned. So before you decide to sign any contract, be sure to ask your home builder these following questions:

Do you allow extensive customization?

One of the benefits of building a home is that you get the design you want. However, you should also keep in mind that the overall cost of the project will play a major role in knowing how much you should customize. This means that some builders may not allow extensive customization unless you are willing to adjust your budget. Whether it is about designing your home from scratch, upgrading your finishes or changing your floorplans, the builder will decide if there is still room for a few tweaks.

Am I allowed to upgrade your model home?

Builders often present model homes that you can use as your basis for building your own home. These model homes are created to perfection. With that said, you can easily fall in love with them. However, do not easily agree to use the model home unless you know which features have been improved. It is normal for builders to show off their best model homes, but you can ruin your budget if you fail to ask whether or not upgraded appliances, cabinetry, and lighting packages are part of the package.

Can I get a few references?

You want to make sure that your dream home will be built as desired. Builders can put their best foot forward, but the real proof of their workmanship will come from past clients. Asking previous customers about their experience with the home builder you are working with will provide you with a better idea about the builders’ overall work performance. Clients will tell you if the builder sticks to deadlines or if they have any frustrations while the building process is ongoing.

How soon can I expect results?

There are no exact timelines when it comes to building a home as there are many factors that will come into play such as the weather condition, materials and working with contractors. If you are dealing with a reputable builder, you will be able to gain a general idea of how long it takes to build your home. They should have a rough estimate keeping the foundation, framing, and painting in mind. If there are problems that may affect the original timeline you agreed on, they should inform you about it in advance.

How do you deal with issues?

Building your home may not always be smooth-sailing. It is important that Florida home builders know how to handle any issues that may arise. Construction involves a lot of scheduling and you need to communicate with your builder regularly so you will know what to expect.

Do you provide warranties like most Florida home builders?

Builders who are confident with their workmanship will not hesitate to give warranties. Be sure to make an informed decision by weighing your options. It is also imperative that you negotiate with the builder. If you have a good warranty, it should cover your major systems such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC. The warranty’s duration is usually for two years.

If you decide to cancel the service because the builder fell short of your expectations or the situation changes, you should ask the builder about the cancellation policy that both of you can agree with.

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