Florida Custom Home Builder Offers Tips to Beat the Heat

The past few days in Southwest Florida have been scorchers – into the low 90s. The rainy season has kicked in as well – with summer thunderstorms becoming a regular afternoon occurrence, adding humidity to the mix. But there are a number of ways to beat the heat this summer. With very little effort, you can make your home a cool place to live. By following some or all of the tips provided here you should be able to keep your cool during the summer heat.

  • Be sure to keep your curtains, drapes, and verticals closed during the day to keep the sun from heating up your house.
  • Small room air conditioners can be purchased from the low $200’s to above $500. These units are large enough to cool one room. If you’re at home alone for any significant amount of days during the year and don’t need to cool the entire house, these units can save quite a bit of money.
  • Make sure that all air conditioning duct work that comes into contact with crawl spaces and attics is insulated.
  • If the roof overhang is not sufficient to provide shade to south-facing windows, install awnings over them.
  • Be careful to close doors quickly after entering or leaving your residence to prevent heat and moisture from seeping into your house.
  • Ceiling fans can be used to circulate air throughout your house, making it feel cooler.
  • Planting shade trees around your house can make a significant difference in the amount of sunlight that reaches the structure and consequently heats it up.
  • Use mini-blinds on your windows as these can reduce solar heat gain by 40-50 percent. But angling the slats upward instead of downward you can add indirect light to the room (and privacy!) without heating it up.
  • Install “low-e films” on your windows. These are thin metal coatings for windows that block solar heat from coming into the house, but allow the light through. In the winter, low-e films keep the heat in your house.
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